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Archive for July, 2006

2007 IKEA Catalog

July 28th, 2006


Next week the the magazine that all Swedes are waiting for will be stuffed
into mailboxes from the far north of Lapland to the southern Skånsk beaches.

After luring so many to redo bathrooms and kitchens, Ikea is set to
dominate the wardrobe market, asking the public to “come into the

On Thursday, Ikea presented it new catalogue.

“The past years push on bedrooms and kitchens has gone really well,” said Jeanette
Söderberg, head of Ikea Sweden. “Both the paper Vi I Villa and we have done
investigations that show many want to put more time in their storage, especially
younger people.”

Ikea is planning on lowering prices 5 percent and some
30 percent on wardrobes.

Adam Ewing

The Local

[Thanks Jen!]

Request your copy at IKEA

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IKEA Plant-A-Tree Cool the Globe

July 27th, 2006

One more reason to *heart* IKEA:

Pln_1“IKEA, an international leader in promoting sustainable business practices,
has teamed up with American Forests to clean the air and sequester carbon
through tree planting. The average American family needs to plant 30 trees to
offset the CO2 produced by their daily energy use. By planting your trees now,
you will join IKEA and American Forests in planting trees to offset CO2 and cool
the globe.

Our focus is to offset the CO2 emitted from cars traveling to and from IKEA
stores. Each IKEA store will plant enough trees (about 33,100 trees each year)
to offset the annual CO2 emissions produced by IKEA co-workers and IKEA visitors
driving to the store each year. IKEA’s offset trees be planted in AMERICAN
FORESTS Global ReLeaf projects around the US.”

American Forests

[Thanks John!]

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Through the IKEA 2007 Peep Hole

July 17th, 2006


IKEA Hacker has a FLICKR slideshow of the 2007 line.

Check it out

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IKEA Fan Book

July 5th, 2006



Found this on Japan
¥1,680 if you’ve got the yen for it ^_^



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In Pursuit of Life, Liberty and IKEA Gift Certificates

July 4th, 2006





They were a motley crew of college kids, housewives, health workers and more college-bound kids lined up into the wee hours for giveaways and a chance to win gift certificates.

IKEA Schaumburg, Illinois
July 4, 2006
© 2006 ABF All Rights Reserved

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Happy Fourth of July

July 3rd, 2006


Happy Fourth of July

© 2006 ABF

First 4 people in line (18 and older) dressed as the Statue of Liberty  from head to toe will receive  a $250 gift card at the IKEA Schaumburg. Check your nearest store to see if they’re participating in this promotion.

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Monday Cuteness Attack: Fiona

July 3rd, 2006


“fiona and ikea trains”
By Mathowie @ FLICKR

This photo is licensed
Some rights reserved.Used with permission

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