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IKEA Won’t Sell “In-Stock” Mattress Because It Requires The Forklift?

February 15th, 2007

“This morning, the call came, and I was told matter-of-factly there
would be no free delivery, as it is Ikea’s policy to not use the
forklift during business hours. I asked why I was told the mattresses
were in stock if in reality they were not available for purchase. I
swear this is what she said: that was the “risk” I took. I also
inquired why the first person I called led me to believe that free
delivery would not be a problem; she had “no idea” why I was told that.
So I asked for her manager, was given a number, left a message, and
have heard nothing since, and am not expecting to hear anything

So you make the call. Am I whining? I kinda feel like I’m whining.
But if I’m not, how do I balance the need for a quality, affordable
mattress with boycotting Ikea, the only place with quality, affordable

Gerald, quoted at The Consumerist


A later comment on the same post:


“I worked for IKEA for a long period of time. Sadly the policy on the
books is that, “No fork lift or other floor pallet jacks can be present
on the sales floor during business hours.”

Now knowing that the person Gerald called should have checked placement
of the stock items. The program utilized to determine stock lists
number in the self serve BIN and the number in the RISER/Shelf or Hold.
It comes down on that note to the first person he talked to not clearly
declaring what the “stock” was.

But I can tell you, if you find the Area Manager for the Warehouse and
you calmly but with enough authority in your voice they will close a
whole section of the warehouse to bring out the forklift and get you
what you need. I saw it many times, and as a Designer for them
sometimes we would have to get items in the RISER during business hours
and that’s what we would have them do…”

[via Jen @ OH!IKEA]

Current Affairs ,

IKEA Schaumburg Reopening

June 23rd, 2006



IKEA Schaumburg is almost done with a lengthy makeover. We’ll have photos for you. Stay tuned!

Store Link

[Pardon the typos. Got home too tired after a shoot >.<]

Current Affairs , ,

Diamond Ring Hunt at IKEA

February 14th, 2006

We just got back from IKEA Schaumburg’s Valentine’s Day Diamond Ring Hunt and here are the photos:


The waiting crowd was let in around 8.45.


Naoko Nobloch was first and found her diamond in 1:07 secs.


Amy Gilmore gets ready for her turn. She got the diamond in 1:06 seconds.

Rocio Garcia clocked 2:36 seconds.

The winner, Amy Gilmore pose with runners-up Naoko Nobloch and Rocio Garcia. Samantha and Rob of IKEA joined in. Congratulations everyone!

A special shoutout to the PowerPact crew.

View the photoset at FLICKR.

Photos by ABF. Positive Fanatics.© 2006 All Rights Reserved.

Current Affairs

Trek: IKEA Bolingbrook, IL.

November 26th, 2005

I just got back from a visit to the new IKEA store in Bolingbrook, IL. Traffic was mercifully light going there and we left early to avoid the mad rush from the returning Thanksgiving crowd.


Yeah, yeah they all look alike but at least here’s a shot of the lobby.



We met these vistors from San Diego and St. Louis. Kim Schumacher (left) introduced friends Melissa and Joan to the store. Did I hear about a trailer on the next trip ladies?



There were the usual artsy shots…



…and meatballs.



Then it was time to go. We’ll share more of the photos at the gallery soon.

Images: © 2005 ABF
Thanks to Mary-Alice Bier, PR Chicago and the management and staff of IKEA Bolingbrook for their warm accommodation.

Current Affairs

Trek: IKEA Schaumburg, IL.

November 19th, 2005

I visited the Schaumburg store yesterday and met with Mary-Alice Bier, IKEA’s PR officer for Chicago. The day started out gloomy and freezing but she quickly warmed it up for us.


The Big Yellow-and-Blue.



Yes, its that time of the year again! The cheerful holiday display greet visitors as they come into the store.



Looking from F2 down to the lobby.



Surprise! I stumbled upon my friend Daff who works there. What a bonus.



This was essentially a stock image-gathering expedition for me and boy did I get tons. We will be showcasing these and your own photos soon.



I spent almost four hours (yeah I had the salmon thing for lunch:) at the store where I met with shoppers and talked about their IKEA experiences. More to come later. For now, I’d like to thank Ms. Bier for the welcome and say hi to their staff especially incoming PR person Samantha Gravina.

Current Affairs